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Provisional Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Digital Muhammad Ruqayya Khan

Chapter Two: "Recent Theories of Islam's Origins" Fred Donner

Chapter Three: “Muhammad the Warrior, Muhammad the Peace-Maker: Contesting Images of Islam’s Prophet after 9/11” Jonathan Brockopp

Chapter Four: "The Danish Cartoons and Modern Iconoclasm in the Cosmopolitan Muslim Diaspora" Jyette Klausen

Chapter Five: "Postmodern Politics: Manipulating Images of Islam in Contemporary Europe" Peter O'Brien

Chapter Six: "Of CyberMuslimahs: Wives of the Prophet and Muslim Women in the Digital Age", Ruqayya Y Khan

Chapter Seven: “Behind Every Good (or Bad) Muslim Man: Representations of Muhammad's Wives after 9/11” Aysha Hidayatullah

Chapter Eight: “Sikh-Americans and Islamophobia in the Post-9/11 Era” Simran J Singh

Chapter Nine:  "Finding an Enemy: Islam and the 'New Atheism'"  Taner Edis

Chapter Ten: Conclusion

Book Timeline (Subject to Change)

Peer Review Process
January 2013-September 2013